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What is the difference between insulating fire brick and refractory brick?

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Insulating fire brick is a kind of insulating products with a regular shape. It belongs to light insulation refractory material. The common characteristics of this kind of material are small volume density, light bulk density, low thermal conductivity. But the intensity is low, high temperature reburning shrinkage is larger, heat insulation, good moisturizing effect. Refractory brick, also known as firebrick, is made of heat-resistant ceramic materials, similar in shape to ordinary building bricks, so they are often used in building kilns and a variety of thermal equipment. Firebrick won't have chemical change below high temperature on one hand, also be the material with poorer heat conduction commonly. Let's talk about the difference between insulating fire brick and refractory brick.


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  • What are insulating fire bricks and refractory bricks?

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What are insulating fire bricks and refractory bricks?

The key effect of insulating fire brick is used for heat insulation, reduces the outflow of heat. Insulating fire brick is not easy to direct contact with fire, and refractory brick is generally direct contact with fire.


Refractory brick basically is to be used at bear the sunburn of flame, divide into 2 kinds commonly, namely not shapeless refractory material and shapeless refractory material. Monolithic refractories, also known as refractory castable, is composed of a variety of stone or asphalt mixture and one or more kinds of adhesives and mixed powder particles, the application must be mixed with one or more kinds of liquid mixing evenly, with a strong fluidity. Shaped refractory materials, the general system of refractory bricks, its appearance has a standard, but also can be based on the temporary production and processing must be cut.

Key differences

Insulating Fire Brick

Refractory brick

High impact toughness, long application time, and good reliability of organic chemistry, no chemical changes with raw materials and good heat resistance, high temperature resistance temperature can be achieved to 1900℃. Firebrick is very suitable for high and low temperature test conversion furnace, conversion furnace, hydrocracking converter, flue gas desulfurization tank and methane gasification furnace in a fertilizer plant, to remove dispersing steam and liquid, and support point, cover and maintain the effect of a metal catalyst. It can also be used in hot air boilers and heating conversion machines and equipment of iron and steel enterprises.

Insulating fire brick

A new energy-saving building thermal insulation technology with inorganic polymer material as the main raw material, which is an ideal technology to replace the traditional wall thermal insulation. Insulating fire brick is in additionally the actual effect of heat insulation heat preservation of high grade in wall of wall of build by laying bricks or stones melts into wall. The difference of refractory brick and insulating fire brick is quite big, their application natural environment, category, the effect is not the same. Different parts will use different raw materials, in the purchase of raw materials, it is proposed to according to the company's own specific situation, clear the appropriate refractory.


Insulating fire brick porosity is high, volume is close small, thermal conductivity is low, but heat insulation performance is good, a few high-grade insulating fire bricks, also can be used as working layer directly.