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  • Jul
    What are the pros and cons of refractory bricks?

    Refractory brick, also known as firebrick, is a type of brick that is designed or manufactured to cope with high temperature environments. Such bricks are used in kilns and furnaces, for example. Many manufacturers around the world produce refractory bricks of different sizes, shapes and styles. Mos

  • Jul
    What are refractory bricks mainly used for?

    We all know that refractory brick is made of special material. Ordinary bricks can’t withstand very high temperatures, so it is necessary to use this material with high strength and high temperature resistance as the masonry of various industrial furnaces. In industrial production, almost all high-temperature furnaces need to use refractory bricks, such as glass works, ironmaking, steelmaking, refining furnaces and so on. The following will introduce the specific use of different types of refractory brick.

  • Jul
    How to use kiln furniture?

    The selection and collocation of kiln furniture materials are various. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the kiln furniture industry has also made great progress. High quality kiln furniture with lightweight, thin and diversified specifications have been supplied to the market one after another. There are cordierite, cordierite mullite, mullite, common silicon carbide, oxide bonded silicon carbide and so on. There are many kinds of matching forms of materials, but it also depends on the type of products, kiln structure, bearing capacity and price bearing capacity of the ceramic factory.

  • Jul
    How to make refractory bricks?

    China's refractory brick production process: crushing - mixing - molding - burning - packaging - delivery. It is a kind of neutral refractory material, by bauxite or other high oxide content of raw materials by molding and calcination. High thermal shock stability, refractoriness above 1770℃. Good slag resistance. Refractory brick is mainly used for the lining of electric steel-making furnaces, glass furnaces and cement rotary furnaces. When the content of Al2O3 in the brick exceeds 71.8%, the excess Al2O3 forms corundum crystal at high temperature and generates two high-temperature crystal phases at the same time. The eutectic temperature of the brick with low Al2O3 content rises from 1595℃ to 1840℃.

  • Jun
    An introduction to kiln furniture

    Kiln furniture has the function of isolating products from each other, so that a single product is not damaged by any external impact. The demand for kiln furniture has increased sharply in recent years. What is the kiln furniture used for? Why should choose kiln furniture? The following article will provide you with some information.