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    Why should you select kiln furniture?

    Installing kiln furniture is of great importance during manufacturing processes. Ceramic kiln furniture has the function of keeping products from each other so that individual product will not be damaged by any external impact. The demand for kiln furniture has increased a sharply in recent years. What applications does kiln furniture have? Why should we select kiln furniture? The passage below will provide you with some information.

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    What are the differences between insulating fire bricks and refractory bricks?

    Refractory brick is a kind of material used under high temperature conditions. So is insulating fire brick. Refractory fire bricks seem to have a kind of relationship with insulating fire bricks, but they are actually not the same thing. You may wonder how to distinguish these two materials and what are the differences between them. Some ways to identify insulating fire bricks and refractory fire bricks will be introduced in the following sections.

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    What is the role of refractory bricks?

    Refractory bricks, also popularly known as refractory fire bricks, are famous for their excellent properties of thermal resistance. Moreover, some specific refractory bricks, such as high alumina refractory bricks, have very good ability of anti-acidity, anti-metal fluid corrosion and anti-oxidation. Therefore, refractory fire bricks have a wide range of applications. They play very important roles in many industrial fields. In this passage, I will introduce the pros and cons of dense refractory bricks and their detailed applications in the real world.

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    What is the manufacturing process of monolithic refractories?

    Monolithic refractory, also popularly known as unshaped refractory, has a variety of sizes and shapes, making it a special type of refractory material. Monolithic castable refractory has a wide range of minerals in its content, which is quite different from other refractory material’s compositions. Thus, monolithic refractories have some prominent properties, such as low permeability, improved stability, better insulation and so on. These advantages are partly resulted from the manufacturing process of monolithic castable refractories. In this passage, detailed information about how to manufacture monolithic refractory cement will be provided.

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    What is the application of insulating fire bricks?

    Insulating fire brick, in abbreviation form, is known as IFB. It sometimes can also be called as soft brick, because they have relatively soft textures. Large insulating fire brick is a type of refractory material and is famous for its high porosity, low bulk density as well as low thermal conductivity. Therefore, large insulating fire bricks have outstanding properties compared with other refractory bricks, which results in their wide range of applications. What are the special uses of large insulating fire bricks? Where can insulating fire bricks be used? This passage may give you some ideas about these questions.