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  • Aug
    Development of Monolithic refractories

    Monolithic refractories are currently in a prosperous state in the domestic market. At the same time, the production technology of monolithic refractories has also progressed and developed. The company firmly believes that with the assistance of technology, the development scope of monolithic refrac

  • Aug
    Information on Monolithic refractories

    Monolithic refractories are unfired refractories. Foreign countries have developed rapidly since the 1960s, while China only started in the 1980s. And it is mainly used in atmosphere furnaces, and it is rarely used in melting furnaces. The company will improve the performance and quality of monolith

  • Aug
    Information about Raw Material

    Raw Material is Raw Material and material. Raw Materials generally refer to products from mining and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery; materials generally refer to Raw Materials that have undergone some processing. Raw Material refers to various Raw Materials and main materials,

  • Aug
    Information about insulating fire brick

    With the over-exploitation of natural resources in the current industrial production, the problem of resource bottlenecks is very serious, and the raw materials directly used for insulating fire bricks are becoming less and less. Among them, refractory clay is an advantageous resource in my country,

  • Aug
    Importance of Raw Material Purchasing Management

    Raw Material procurement in the manufacturing industry refers to the transaction process of companies purchasing Raw Materials, spare parts, and related services from Raw Material Parts City to maintain normal production, operations, and services. The success and failure of countless companies are r

  • Aug
    Historical Development and Prospect of Ceramic Fiber Insulation

    Ceramic Fiber Insulation materials are widely used in thermal insulation and high-temperature resistant materials of various thermal kilns. Because their bulk density is much lower than other refractory materials, the heat storage is very small and the heat insulation effect is obvious. As a furnace

  • Aug
    Factors Affecting the Service Life of Kiln Furniture

    The service life of Kiln Furniture is determined by its strength and thermal shock resistance. In addition, possible chemical reactions between the Kiln Furniture and the product it supports should be considered. So what are the factors that affect the service life of Kiln Furniture? Let's see toget

  • Aug
    Factors affecting the performance of Ceramic Fiber Insulation

    Ceramic Fiber Insulation has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, good thermal insulation performance, good thermal shock stability, convenient and fast construction, etc. Ceramic fiber insulation is currently the most potential energy-saving and environmentally friendly material. How

  • Aug
    Factors Affecting Raw Material's Purchasing Cost Strategy

    Raw Material procurement is the starting point of enterprise production activities and the key to enterprise product cost. Therefore, reducing the Raw Material procurement cost has extremely realistic significance for controlling the product cost of the enterprise and improving the product competiti

  • Aug
    Factors Affecting Fused Silica Ceramic Sintering

    Steel, coking, non-ferrous metals, and glass industries. With the continuous expansion of the application range of Fused Silica Ceramic, the preparation of its products has also put forward higher and higher requirements. Regarding the preparation of quartz ceramics, the two most important processes

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