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What is the application of ceramic fiber insulation

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Compared with traditional refractories, the density of ceramic fiber insulation is very low, so its heat capacity is very low (based on the insulation quality in the furnace). With the development of related industries, people's demand for high temperature insulated wool is increasing, and the requirements are also increasing. This requires us to have a deeper understanding of it in order to find its value more. So do you know what kind of material it is? What applications does it currently have? Next, we will introduce to you some high temperature insulation cotton related content, hoping to let you have a deeper understanding of it.


The main points are as follows:

♦ What is high temperature insulation wool

♦ Outstanding features

♦ High temperature insulation wool application

♦ In conclusion


What is high temperature insulation wool

It is commonly known as ceramic fiber cotton, also known as ceramic insulation materials and ceramic fiber blankets, is one of the main components of high temperature insulation materials. It is a synthetic mineral wool with high temperature resistance over 1000 C. It is made of synthetic materials and aromatic polyamides. In addition to fiberboard, various other products can also be made from high-temperature wool. These include vacuum plates and parts. In addition to being used as insulating plates, these products can also be used in, for example, burner components or kilns. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications. However, although this material has excellent heat resistance, it does not have the same strength or durability as glass fiber felt.


Outstanding features

High temperature insulated wool has the following characteristics:


1. Good thermal insulation

According to the physical principle, the thermal conductivity of gas is small, and there are many holes in the thermal damage material. Glass fiber heat-resistant and heat-insulating cotton has many small pores and irregular fiber arrangement.


2. Non-flammable, non-flammable, non-deformable and non-fragile.


3. No adhesive, no odor:

Compared with traditional glass wool and rock wool products, it does not contain adhesives.

4. High Insulation

It is an insulating material.


5. High corrosion resistance

It is not afraid of strong acid and alkali, and will not reduce its functional properties for a long time.


6. Good elasticity

It contains numerous fixed chambers and recovers well. Do not worry about any impact and vibration, the tensile strength is higher than 1.0 kg.


7. Low hygroscopicity

Hygroscopicity is usually close to zero.


High temperature insulation wool application

In addition to fiberboard, various other products can also be made from high-temperature wool. These include vacuum plates and parts. In addition to being used as insulating panels, these products are also used for example burner components or kilns. The fibers were converted into water suspensions containing other inorganic fillers and organic binders. The suspension is pulled onto the screen through vacuum to form sheets. The plate/component is then dried and heat treated in some cases. This process can be used to generate various geometric shapes. The total density of the finished product ranges from 170 kg/m3 to 1300 kg/m3. This wide density range and formulation can produce a variety of products with different mechanical and thermal properties.


Flexible paper and felt can also be produced by using organic adhesives as sealing or "soft" insulation materials.


In conclusion

I believe that after reading this article, you will find that high temperature insulating cotton has many useful characteristics. With the development of relevant markets and concerns about high energy costs, itwill get better development. If you want to know more about this product, please contact us in time. Our company is committed to the production of related substances, so we will provide you with the latest information about it.