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What are insulating fire bricks made up of?

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The raw materials used for lightweight insulating fire brick can be classified into clay, silica, aluminum and mullite. Light insulating fire brick's insulation is due to the brick body inside contains a large number of air holes (including closed air holes and open air holes). The method that causes stomata has to add combustible matter law, foam law, chemical law. Insulating fire brick has low compressive strength, poor slag resistance, poor thermal vibration resistance, and can not be in direct contact with liquid glass or flame. The article Introduces a few kinds of common insulating fire brick below.


Here is the content list:

l Light clayey insulating fire brick

l Light silicon insulating fire brick

l Light alumina insulating fire brick

l Light mullite insulating fire brick


Light clayey insulating fire brick

Light clayey insulating fire brick is made of refractory clay as the main raw material Al2O3 content of 30% ~ 48% heat insulation refractory products. The production technology adopts the method of burning out and adding material and foam method. The products with a volume density of 0.3 ~ 1.5g/cm3 were prepared by batching, mixing, forming, drying and firing with refractory clay, floating beads and refractory clay clinker as raw materials, adding binder and sawdust. The production of light clayey insulating fire bricks accounts for more than half of the total production of insulating fire bricks.


Light silicon insulating fire brick

Light silicon insulating fire brick is made of silica as the main raw material SiO2 content is not less than 91% heat insulation refractory products. The volume density of light silicon insulating fire brick is 0.9 ~ 1.1g/cm3, and the thermal conductivity is only half of that of ordinary silicon brick. The thermal vibration resistance is good, and the starting temperature of load softening can reach 1600℃, which is much higher than that of clayey insulating fire brick. Thus, the highest temperature of silicon insulating fire brick can reach 1550℃. Light silicon insulating fire bricks do not shrink at high temperatures and even slightly expand.


Light alumina insulating fire brick

Light alumina insulating fire bricks are the heat insulation refractory products that use electricity to melt corundum, sintered alumina and industrial alumina to be made as main raw material. The production process of light alumina insulating fire brick has two kinds: foam method and burnout adding method.

Insulating Fire Brick


Light mullite insulating fire brick

Lightweight mullite insulating fire brick is a kind of insulating refractory products made of mullite as the main raw material. Mullite insulating fire brick has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high strength, low thermal conductivity and direct contact with flame. It is suitable for lining of various industrial furnaces.


Insulating fire brick is also called light insulating fire brick, as the lining of industrial kiln, heat insulation, heat preservation effect. Insulating fire bricks of different materials used in the lining of the kiln can increase the heat storage function of the industrial kiln and reduce the loss of heat in the kiln, which plays an important role in the industrial kiln that needs heat preservation and insulation.