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Is Ceramic fiber insulation fireproof?

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Ceramic fiber insulation, one of the refractory materials, is getting more and more popular in recent years. As a refractory product, its applications are mostly under extreme conditions with high temperature. Therefore, whether ceramic fiber insulation is fireproof or not becomes an important issue. If it is not, ceramic fiber insulation will easily catch fire when heated, which is a huge safety concern. In the passage below, we will talk about the pros of ceramic fiber insulation and explain if it is fireproof.



-        Advantages of ceramic fiber insulation

-        What are fireproof materials?

-        Whether ceramic fiber insulation is fireproof



Advantages of ceramic fiber insulation

1. Elastic ceramic fiber blanket has the ability to resist any thermal shock. When the working temperature is 1100 Celsius degrees and opening the furnace in operation, the thermal shock generated by cooling can cause the refractory bricks to break or crack. However, if we use ceramic fiber insulation to replace fire bricks, it will no longer be dangerous when opening the furnace, which is especially useful when it comes to running the shuttle furnace.


2. Ceramic fiber insulation has the property of low heat conduction which can bring high energy saving effect. Heating the refractory bricks to the desired furnace temperature requires a lot of energy because the density of refractory bricks is higher. while ceramic fiber insulations do not require the same amount of energy to reach the desired temperature level. The energy saving effect is remarkable, as it makes great contributions in protecting our environment.


3. Ceramic fiber insulation is virtually maintenance free, because this material is extremely resistant, any possible damage to the fiber will not affect the product, as in the case of refractory bricks. Therefore, maintenance time and maintenance frequency are largely reduced and the product itself has a longer service life.


4. Ceramic fiber insulation has a comparatively lighter weight, which makes construction easier.


5. Elastic ceramic fiber blanket is able to resist external force, which exhibits its good stability.



What are fireproof materials?

Fireproof, in other words, means being fire resistant as well as having low heat conductivity. Therefore, fireproof materials are usually able to withstand extremely high temperatures and are helpful in slowing the spread of a fire. Although some materials may be called "fireproof", no material is 100 percent fireproof because all materials will eventually be affected if temperatures are high enough.



Whether ceramic fiber insulation is fireproof

Generally speaking, most of the ceramic fiber insulations are fireproof and are mainly composed of alumina and silica. This kind of ceramic fiber insulations usually possess the property of low thermal conductivity. Fireproof ceramic fiber insulation paper has the characteristics of low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, fire resistance and shock resistance. Therefore, they are widely used in high temperature insulation and protection applications and are often used for sealing and insulation. In addition, the insulation of the aircraft and the packaging of high temperature pipes and metal castings are carried out with these fireproof ceramic materials.