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Why should you select kiln furniture?

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Installing kiln furniture is of great importance during manufacturing processes. Ceramic kiln furniture has the function of keeping products from each other so that individual product will not be damaged by any external impact. The demand for kiln furniture has increased a sharply in recent years. What applications does kiln furniture have? Why should we select kiln furniture? The passage below will provide you with some information.



-        What is kiln furniture?

-        Properties of kiln furniture

-        Reasons to select kiln furniture



What is kiln furniture?

Kiln furniture is utilized in the heating process to produce individual parts, such as ceramic or metal parts. The ceramic kiln furniture is responsible for handling to ensure that the components are neither deformed nor adhered to each other. In order to obtain high quality and low scrap rate, the charge should be heated and cooled as evenly as possible regardless of its position in the furnace. Ceramic kiln furniture plays an important role in controlling the inner temperatures of furnaces. The interaction between the charge and the atmosphere in the furnace is also largely influenced by the ceramic kiln furniture. In order to control the gas exchange, in addition to different carriers and plates, it is usually necessary to place capsules of heating materials in them.



Properties of kiln furniture

Ceramic kiln furniture mainly has four general properties. First, it has good thermal shock resistance and good mechanical properties at normal as well as high temperatures. Second, ceramic kiln furniture has high thermal conductivity and breathability. Also, ceramic kiln furniture has a higher load softening temperature and refractoriness, and its load softening temperature is required to be higher than the firing temperature of the burned product by 50 to 100 Celsius degrees. Last, ceramic kiln furniture has low bulk density (which means it is usually light in weight), low heat storage, accurate size and good regularity.


However, some characteristics of ceramic kiln furniture vary due to the differences in their compositions. Kiln furniture made of clay and clinker, such as saggar and waste clay, can be utilized at about 1300 Celsius degrees. High alumina kiln furniture, referring to those with more than 46% aluminum oxide in their contents, are able to use in places where temperature is up to 1450 Celsius degrees. Mullite kiln furniture whose main crystalline phase is mullite is composed of 10% kaolin and 90% synthetic mullite and it has high strength. The long-term service temperature of "silicon carbide bonded silicon nitride" kiln furniture formed when silicon carbide is bonded with silicon nitride can be Up to 1550 ℃



Reasons to select kiln furniture

People choose ceramic kiln furniture for many purposes with respect to manufacturing processes. For example, kiln shelf, a kind of ceramic kiln furniture, usually provides years of service life in demanding firing productions such as gas reduction, wood, soda and salt. Another common seen instance is kiln post which is utilized for maximizing the use of space between kiln shelves. Posts can be stacked on top of each other or in between shelves. Thus, manufacturers can adjust them to the perfect shelf height.