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What is kiln furniture?

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Many people have heard of kilns before. Kiln is similar to oven where high temperatures are generated and preserved in order to complete some operations. However, not many people have a knowledge of kiln furniture. What is ceramic kiln furniture? What role does ceramic kiln furniture play in manufacturing processes? This post will introduce ceramic kiln furniture, an indispensable and helpful tool in industrial productions.



-        What is kiln furniture?

-        Classification of kiln furniture

-        Applications of kiln furniture

          o   Kiln stilts

          o   Kiln tiles



What is kiln furniture?

Kiln furniture, an appliance made of refractory soil, plays the role of spacing, supporting, supporting and protecting the products in the roasting process during manufacturing processes. When ceramic products, such as electronic components (including sanitary ceramics, tiles, insulators, ferrite and so on), are produced by the process of heating up, ceramic kiln furniture is needed. Kiln furniture is famous for its properties of refractoriness and thermal resistance. In order to possess these characteristics, it is usually made of clay containing silica and alumina.



Classification of kiln furniture

Kiln furniture is a generic name for ceramic tools which are used in the heating process during operations to ensure that the products produced are not affected by each other. Thus, ceramic kiln furniture usually includes a wide range of objects: kiln posts, kiln shelves, kiln wash, kiln paper, kiln sand, kiln stilts, kiln pins, kiln tiles, kiln setters and kiln racks. Among these ceramic kiln furniture, kiln shelves is one the most commonly seen example and it can be further divided into several types.


Kiln shelves is regarded as a kind of ceramic kiln furniture. As they can be made from different material, are separated into high alumina shelves, nitride bonded shelves and oxide bonded shelves. High alumina shelves have a high proportion of alumina in their contents and they have good stability as well as warp resistance. Nitride bonded shelves are thin and light. Introducing nitride into their contents contributes to their high strength and warp resistance. They are also relatively less porous. Oxide bonded shelves, also known as silicon carbide shelves, are thick with good warp resistance and less porous inner structures.



Applications of kiln furniture

As stated in the previous section, there are a number of different types of ceramic kiln furniture. Due to the variety in the forms and compositions of ceramic kiln furniture, they are designed for various occasions.


Kiln stilts

Kiln stilts, a kind of ceramic kiln furniture, are used to stack the kiln in the glaze firing process to avoid products from contacting the rack. Kiln stilt can be utilized in any project that needs to be supported under high temperature of ceramic kiln furniture. Due to its resistance to high temperature, kiln stilts can be used for producing new kilns, repairing old kilns and so on.


Kiln tiles

Kiln tile is basically ceramic kiln furniture in the form of stack where several ceramic plates are piled up with some space in between.