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How to make refractory bricks?

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China's refractory brick production process: crushing - mixing - molding - burning - packaging - delivery. It is a kind of neutral refractory material, by bauxite or other high oxide content of raw materials by molding and calcination. High thermal shock stability, refractoriness above 1770℃. Good slag resistance. Refractory brick is mainly used for the lining of electric steel-making furnaces, glass furnaces and cement rotary furnaces. When the content of Al2O3 in the brick exceeds 71.8%, the excess Al2O3 forms corundum crystal at high temperature and generates two high-temperature crystal phases at the same time. The eutectic temperature of the brick with low Al2O3 content rises from 1595℃ to 1840℃.


Here is the content list:

l The material preparation

l Ingredients, mixing and molding

l Drying

l Burning

refractory brick


The material preparation

Mainly the preparation of high aluminum clinker and combined with the preparation of high aluminum. In the meantime, the preparation of the clinker is to make the refractory high-alumina material into granule and fine powder by calcination at high temperature, and the preparation of high-alumina is to make the high-alumina coarse crushing, dry and fine grinding into powder and pulping. Purchasing raw materials for refractory brick according to customer's demand and technical department's requirement, inspecting the raw materials after entering the factory to see if they meet the required standards. After the qualified part of the raw materials according to the need for secondary treatment, for the preparation of raw materials. The qualified aggregate, powder, additive and binder shall be weighed and equipped in strict accordance with the formula proportion.


Ingredients, mixing and molding

The qualified aggregate, powder, additive and binder shall be weighed and equipped in strict accordance with the formula proportion. With calcined refractory high aluminum clinker as poor material, with a certain proportion of combined high aluminum, the mixture was prepared. Mixed guess clinker share is much, called much clinker products. This kind of crystal product stability is high, other properties are also good, but the demand for strong molding. According to the requirements of the production process, the prepared raw materials will be mixed to make them fully uniform. The mixed raw materials will be weighed according to the requirements and put into the press for molding.



The water content of high aluminum brick billet is different according to the forming method. The water content of semi-dry pressing billet is low, and the water transpiration simply does not shorten, and can be quickly and dry, or directly loaded into the kiln. The bricks with more water can be pre-selected with appropriate natural air drying or hot heating, and then sent into the tunnel kiln. The key factor to control the boring process is the boring speed, which should ensure that the brick is not deformation, not cracking and has a certain strength as the criterion. The water content of the bricks into the kiln after control is less than 2%.



The intention of firing is to make the brick sintered, so that it has a certain strength of dimensions, fineness and porosity, high mechanical strength, good volume stability, good fire resistance.


Finally, the refractory brick is checked, pre-assembled and packed, and our complete firebrick is finished. Every step in the process of making ordinary refractory brick will affect the quality of the firebrick, so we must carefully choose the manufacturer.