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How many types of ceramic fiber insulation are there?

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Ceramic fiber insulation, a kind of refractory material, is utilized mainly in places where heat control is required. Ceramic fiber insulation products can be easily seen nowadays. Ceramic fiber can be made into multiple types of products, among which the most common kind is ceramic fiber insulation blanket. Other than blankets, the rest of the types are also quite useful, and I will introduce them in sequence in the passage below.



-        What is ceramic fiber insulation?

-        Types of ceramic fiber insulation and their common uses



What is ceramic fiber insulation?

Ceramic fiber is a kind of special material with a prominent property of thermal resistance, which is highly specialized for the most demanding and extreme temperature requirements. Other excellent properties include stability, light weight and thermal efficiency. It is mainly composed of aluminum silicate, which includes fiber made of various polycrystalline fibers and molten glass. It is an excellent insulating material which is widely used by various businesses that involve operations under high temperatures. Therefore, many industrial products are made of ceramic fibers or contain ceramic fiber insulations.



Types of ceramic fiber insulation and their common uses

Ceramic fiber insulation products can be made into various size and shapes designed for specific conditions. Here are the six major types of products.


Ceramic fiber insulation board:

It is a lightweight, low-density product suitable for most standard insulation applications. These boards are designed to provide low thermal conductivity, impressive thermal shock resistance and good stability at high temperatures.


Ceramic fiber insulation paper:

Ceramic products in the form of paper are ideal for various insulation purposes. these products are made of alumina silicon fibers, which makes them ideal materials for a number of applications that require refractoriness. It is widely used as gaskets to maintain or keep out high temperature. It also serves as a packaging material to reduce friction.


Ceramic fiber insulation blanket:

Ceramic fiber insulation blankets are basically blankets spun from ceramic fibers. They are durable with remarkably high strength, light weight and good flexibility. Therefore, they are ideal materials for thermal insulation in high temperature kilns and furnaces. Also, they are used in many other insulation processes and operations.


Ceramic fiber insulation cloth:

When in cloth form, ceramic products are usually used in construction process, including building fire doors, insulating furnaces, making special heat resistant containers and producing heating pipes.


 Ceramic fiber insulation rope:

Ceramic fiber in rope forms are designed for supporting or connecting various heat resistant structures. They can be used as windings for high temperature tubes, expansion joints and heated steel junctions.


Ceramic fiber insulation additives:

In additives forms, ceramic fiber is an excellent choice for various building structures. These products are made by molding, pulping, curing and drying. They are often used to create various building structures that require resistance to heat or thermal shock. Moreover, they can be used in roofs, walls which surround heating equipment and other structures that need thermal resistance.