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High temperature insulation wool industry characteristics

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Compared with traditional refractories (castables or bricks), high temperature insulated wool has very low density and therefore very low heat capacity (based on the insulation quality in the furnace). In addition to the development needs of related industries, people's demand for high temperature insulation wool is also increasing, and the requirements are also increasing. This requires us to know more about it in order to discover its value more.So everyone knows what kind of substance is this? What are its characteristics? Next, we will introduce to you some of the high temperature insulating wool industry related content, I hope you can better understand.


The main points are as follows:

♦ What is high temperature insulation wool

High temperature insulated wool features

♦ The prospect of industry

♦ In conclusion


What is high temperature insulation wool

High temperature insulating cotton, commonly known as "ceramic insulating material" and "ceramic fiber blanket", also known as ceramic fiber cotton, is one of the main components of high temperature insulating material. It is a synthetic mineral wool with high temperature resistance over 1000 C. High temperature insulating wool is made of synthetic materials and aromatic polyamides. In addition to fiberboard, various other products can also be made from high-temperature wool. These include vacuum plates and parts. In addition to being used as insulating panels, these products are also used for example burner components or kilns. However, although this material has excellent heat resistance, it can not provide as much strength or durability as glass fiber felt.


High temperature insulated wool features

Compared with other similar materials, high temperature insulating wool has the following characteristics:


1. Good thermal insulation

According to the physical principle, the thermal conductivity of gas is small, and there are many holes in the thermal damage material. Glass fiber heat-resistant and heat-insulating cotton has many small pores and irregular fiber arrangement.


2. Non-flammable, non-flammable, non-deformable and non-fragile.


3. No adhesive, no odor.

Compared with traditional glass wool and rock wool products, there is no binder.


4.High Insulation

Because it is an insulating material.


5. High corrosion resistance

It is not afraid of strong acid and alkali, and will not reduce its functional properties for a long time.


6. Good elasticity

The substance contains numerous fixing chambers and recovers well. Do not worry about any impact and vibration, the tensile strength is higher than 1.0 kg.


7. Low hygroscopicity

Hygroscopicity is usually close to zero.


The prospect of industry

In terms of its current status of use, the potential use of thermal insulation wool provides various ecological and economic benefits for factories. Because of its temperature resistance, the demand of aerospace and steel industry is expected to be the driving factor of the market in the forecast period. In addition, because of its excellent thermal shock resistance and low thermal conductivity, it is superior to glass wool and rock wool. Its potential to replace these products is expected to have a positive impact on its global demand. However, the use of high content of elongated dust particles will hinder its development, because dust particles can lead to the development of cancer. And because high temperature insulating wool is the accumulation of fibers of different diameters and lengths, they are more and more used in various end-use industries, so its development is bright.


In conclusion

I believe that after reading this article, it is not difficult to find that high temperature insulation wool has many properties worthy of utilization. Therefore, with the development of relevant markets and concerns about high energy costs, the high temperature insulated wool will get better development. If you want to know more about this product, please let us know in time. Our company is committed to producing related substances related to high temperature insulation. And we will provide you with the latest information about it.