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insulating fire bricks

A list of these insulating fire bricks articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional insulating fire bricks, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Oct
    What are the main applications of insulating fire brick?

    There are many types of insulating fire bricks. When choosing insulating fire bricks in industrial kilns, it is necessary to choose the appropriate ones according to the actual use temperature inside the kiln, the use conditions of insulating fire bricks, the use cycle and other aspects. This article will introduce the main applications of insulating fire bricks.

  • Dec
    What is the application of insulating fire bricks?

    Insulating fire brick, in abbreviation form, is known as IFB. It sometimes can also be called as soft brick, because they have relatively soft textures. Large insulating fire brick is a type of refractory material and is famous for its high porosity, low bulk density as well as low thermal conductivity. Therefore, large insulating fire bricks have outstanding properties compared with other refractory bricks, which results in their wide range of applications. What are the special uses of large insulating fire bricks? Where can insulating fire bricks be used? This passage may give you some ideas about these questions.

  • Nov
    What are the characteristics of insulating fire bricks?

    Insulating fire brick, also popularly known as soft brick, is a kind of refractory material that is able to withstand very high temperatures up to roughly 1800 Celsius degrees. Refractory materials are of great popularity in recent years due to their usage under extreme conditions. Among the refractory bricks, large insulating fire brick is a prominent type, as it has extraordinary properties which make it convenient to use. In the passage below, some information about the classification and characteristics of insulating fire bricks will be provided and illustrated.

  • Nov
    What are insulating fire bricks made of?

    Insulating fire brick, also popularly known as soft brick or IFB, is a kind of refractory materials, designed for extreme conditions with high temperature ranging from 1000 Celsius degrees to 1800 Celsius degrees. The most special features about large insulating fire bricks are that they have light weights and they can be easily modified or cut with hand tools. These two physical properties are mainly caused by the structures of large insulating fire bricks. Therefore, people might wonder what their contents are and how they are made that lead to these excellent characteristics. The passage below will provide some explanations.

  • Apr
    How are insulating fire bricks made?

    From the point of view of development and growth rate, China's refractory industry has farewell to the period of rapid development, and the development mode is transiting to the stage of industrial transformation and upgrading. In the past, purely pursuing the extensive growth of production capacity has no longer adapted to the development trend of the market. At present, the refractory industry is facing a serious imbalance between supply and demand, showing a situation of oversupply. Therefore, the emergence of refractory bricks has greatly alleviated this situation. So, I don't know what you know about firebricks? Here we briefly introduce insulating refractory bricks and related knowledge. Hope to help you better understand insulating refractory bricks.