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Aluminum Melting Furnace Lining Construction and Baking Recommendations

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Aluminum Melting and holding Furnace Lining construction and baking recommendations

1. Mixing: The castable material should be stirred by a forced mixer with a rotation speed of not less than 26 revolutions per minute, dry mixing for 2-3 minutes, then add clean water. The water dosage should be added according to the water supply range of different brands. Under the construction performance, the smaller the water consumption, the better. After adding water, the stirring should be no less than 5 minutes to uniformity. The stirred material should be used up within half an hour. If there is material after initial solidification, it must not be used again. Use should be scrapped.

2.Pouring and vibration molding: should be vibrating on the side of the fabric, continuous operation, once poured to the required thickness, no pause in the middle, so as not to cause stratification, when using vibrating rod vibration, should slowly insert the layer, continuous movement and slow Pull out to prevent holes and leakage vibration. The vibrating bar must not collide with the template, anchor and insulation layer. Generally, it will vibrate continuously for more than two times until the surface is slurried, the exhaust is less, and it does not settle.

Second, maintenance and baking requirements:

1. Maintenance: After the construction of castable material is hardened for 24 hours, it can be demoulded for natural maintenance. Watering is strictly prohibited during the curing process. The castable body should not be subjected to vibration and impact. The curing temperature is preferably 15-30 °C, lower than 15 °C. Heating measures should be used for a total maintenance time of not less than 3 days.

2, baking: baking is the key to improve the life of the furnace and thermal equipment, its role is mainly to eliminate free water in the lining, chemically combined with water and high temperature performance, improper baking, poor water removal, Uneven heating and baking will cause cracks in the lining, reduce the strength, and even cause large flaking or explosion of the lining in severe cases. It must be baked according to the baking system:

The baking system of the lining:

Third, the oven notes:

1. The first oven should be carried out continuously, and it should not be interrupted. It must comply with the principle of gradual heating, proper insulation, and internal and external drying to prevent cracking and local bursting.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use wood baking! Because wood baking cannot accurately control the temperature, it is easy to cause cracks in the furnace lining and explosions.

3, the recommended temperature measurement point is not less than six, at least not less than three, respectively, the furnace top, furnace wall, furnace bottom.

4. If the furnace temperature is much higher than the specified temperature, it must be immediately insulated, but it is not allowed to take cooling measures. If a large amount of water vapor emerges during the baking process, the temperature should be stopped for heat preservation until the water vapor is reduced or stopped.

5. When it is forced to stop the oven for some reason, measures should be taken to ensure that the furnace temperature drop is minimal.

6. The oven can be put into production at the end.


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